Case Study

Modernize Templates

Modernized design process & technology, revitalizing product and services.


Denver, CO

A global leader in sports technology providing an integrated technology platform for national governing bodies, youth sports leagues, clubs and associations.

July 1, 2017
Branding, Digital Marketing, Web Design, UX, Photog, Video


Project Summary

After transitioning seven different sets of products and services into one robust design services department I quickly worked to adjust and adapt to modernize the offerings. I lead a team in designing and developing modern, practical website themes and skeletons for easy cloning, rapid prototyping and expanded development capacity. I served as a change agent for antiquated operational workflow processes by streamlining production and expanding our product suite while scaling services and growing that revenue stream for the company.


Through the duration of this project I went through extensive knowledge discovery and transition of services as teams were consolidated during the acquisition. After acquiring the knowledge drop I created documentation and training resources across all platforms to serve as tools for cross training on the various platforms, services, processes and languages required for the web design and development skillsets to serve these products and clients. Improving workflow and creating new processes streamlined the services we provided. I lead the integration and design strategy for the migration to a universal platform offering to encompass the needs of all seven unique product sets and technology features.


In under two years I migrated seven separate design departments with unique technologies and products & services underneath one department umbrella. In this process my team developed modern clean template designs for all seven unique platforms to elevate our design products and services. By streamlining workflow and developing standards I was able to expand our development capacity and transition all services offshore. I simultaneously piloted a new universal best-in-class website offering standalone from all existing proprietary softwares and former companies.


The metrics and KPI data around our service ratings and turnaround time improved significantly as a result of this transition and offloading of service work. We onboarded many new clients during this critical transition while downscaling staff and outsourcing service work in the design department. A successful longterm solution provided for existing proprietary software and long extended timelines to migrate accounts to newer platforms.