Case Study

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Product re-market and strategy with feature enhancements.


Denver, CO

SDI Camps creates, hosts and manages custom websites for any organization interested in an online registration portal, with unique organizational needs.

August 1, 2015
Branding, Digital Marketing, Web Design, UX, Photog, Video


Project Summary

When I came onboard to SDI Camps and Races there were some glaring challenges with the workflow and specifically the underlying website product and the upkeep of the framework. During my leadership I helped design a new framework and continued exploring other areas of weakness that could be improved from both a product and service standpoint. We eventually had an opportunity to begin a project around redesigning the user interface and some functionality for our existing proprietary CMS platform. I spearheaded modernizing the design and UX to shift to a mobile-first experience since a large part of the software was still non-responsive and needed upgraded. We redesigned the brand and website concurrently in efforts to grow the company substantially in years to come.


During my leadership and involvement in this project I did extensive research of our proprietary CMS, features, functionality, and UI/UX flow to establish a baseline comparison of our current functionality and opportunities for improvement such as the UI/UX pieces. A competitive market analysis complemented that research in drawing a roadmap to deliver necessary features and expanded opportunities for enhancements. I collaborated with the developer, design team members, sales, customer service teams and other stakeholders to strategize our needs for the existing CMS platform. I then conceptualized the redesign and provided guidance and deliverables to the developer.


The solution for the project was a fresh modern UI design with a simple and seamless UX flow that coincided with the newly redesigned brand and website. The codebase was mobile first and now fully responsive with improved functionality to replace an antiquated non-responsive UI/UX and outdated code framework.


In the end we created a strategic modern design with optimized digital product and experience that would bring significant ROI from the improvements. I aided in facilitating the early growth of SDI Camps and Races by playing an integral role during the infancy of the company. Spearheading creative direction of our digital department I managed several campaigns under my leadership that fostered product scalability and improved customer experience. My early efforts contributed to the company success and growth that distinguished us in the market. This success later helped in the acquisition of SDI Camps and Races by Stack Sports.