Case Study

Diverse Products

Unifying diversified products and features.


Denver, CO

A global leader in sports technology providing an integrated technology platform for national governing bodies, youth sports leagues, clubs and associations.

July 1, 2017
Branding, Digital Marketing, Web Design, UX, Photog, Video


Project Summary

After transitioning seven different sets of products and services into one robust design services department I quickly worked to adjust and adapt to modernize the offerings. I lead a team in designing and developing modern, practical website themes and skeletons for easy cloning, rapid prototyping and expanded development capacity. I served as a change agent for antiquated operational workflow processes by streamlining production and expanding our product suite while scaling services and growing that revenue stream for the company. By standardizing processes and simplifying the design with modern website products for all seven platforms to service a diverse product set during a rapid acquisition transition. Unifying the product suite and service offerings with standard features, designs, operational workflows more inline with industry standards and trends. The challenge presented an opportunity for change and elevated development capability that enabled scaling production and growing the business through rapid prototyping.


This project required extensive knowledge discovery and transition of teams during the acquisitions. Documentation creation and training was produced to understand platforms, processes, languages and web development styles to encompass across 7 unique product sets. I served as a change agent adapting and improving workflow, processes, tools and software used and resources available to the team. Spreaheading integration and design strategy for the migration into a single department and then again to a universal platform encompassing the needs of all seven platforms and product suites. Further establishing design standards and brand guidelines to unify a diverse array of product offerings and services under a single umbrella company. Finally creating a universal product and standalone platform to migrate all separate platforms to a centralized product set and service offering that upholds best-in-class design and modern industry standards.


In under two years I migrated seven separate design departments with unique technologies and products & services underneath one department umbrella. In this process my team developed modern clean template designs for all seven unique platforms to elevate our design products and services. By streamlining workflow and developing standards I was able to expand our development capacity and transition all services offshore. I simultaneously piloted a new universal best-in-class website offering standalone from all existing proprietary softwares and former companies.


Ultimately piloting a new universal best-in-class hybrid design platform independent of former proprietary platforms was the icing on the cake and owning the solution set this project up for a win.‍The vast differences in products, features, platforms, former companies and client bases in combination with the cumbersome complexities of merging any number of company product lines, let alone 7 as different as these was a challenge in and of itself. The sheer depth of knowledge, product expertise and the expedited timeline with which that needed to be fully absorbed was unrealistic and yet accomplished seamlessly. Spearheading the entirety of this project in the beginning and then mentoring and building a green BPO team in India were some of my favorite aspects. The entire departmental overhaul of this transition from talent to operational processes, modernizing and optimizing antiquated design and development practices and replacing with new trends and industry standards to streamline development and scale capacity was no small feat. Ultimately piloting a new universal best-in-class hybrid design platform independent of former proprietary platforms was the icing on the cake and owning the solution set this project up for a win.‍