Case Study

Theme Skeletons

Theme development for streamline production.


Denver, CO

SDI Camps creates, hosts and manages custom websites for any organization interested in an online registration portal, with unique organizational needs.

May 1, 2013
Branding, Digital Marketing, Web Design, UX, Photog, Video


Project Summary

Under my creative direction we had the opportunity to modernize our website product framework and design services. I solved a bottleneck in the processes with a new workflow and created skeletal design themes to clone allowing for rapid prototyping. The skeleton clone templates we created established a theme library allowing us to rapidly prototype and scale our web department services and scale operations.


My first approach to research for this project was competitive analysis of our current market and known rivals. We established our key niche and leveraged this during ideation phase of our marketing campaign. I then extensively studied industry tends and explored multi-tenant website architecture frameworks to strategize the best operational approach to scaling both the product line and the company. I collaborated with other company owners and stakeholders to develop the creative vision and plan to execute. We worked on product roadmaps and new product designs while laying out business development plans for the future.


We successfully developed a set of scalable themes and skeletons for rapid prototyping expanding development capacity and scaling business product & services. Introducing the rapid prototyping workflow streamlined web development and our capacity for servicing clients. This rapid prototyping also enabled the scalability of our web products and services.


After our campaign launch in 2013 we scaled our products and services exponentially while growing the company rapidly the next several years. So quickly, in fact, we sold the company in a large acquisition with Stack Sports a few short years later and more than doubled our client base. We had an inside joke at our company as several smaller competitors at the time even went so far as to copy our look and feel after the re-design campaign launched.