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Responsive Reg

Mobilizing registration boosting online payments.


Denver, CO

SDI Camps creates, hosts and manages custom websites for any organization interested in an online registration portal, with unique organizational needs.

June 1, 2013
Branding, Digital Marketing, Web Design, UX, Photog, Video


Project Summary

This challenge was one of my earliest opportunities, possibly my proudest, at SDI Camps and Races. When I came onboard they did not have a mobile responsive registration experience. While we were in the midst of developing a new mobile first website framework we hadn't touched the registration framework itself. Our bread and butter was payments and our frontend website did not have a mobile friendly process. I took the chance to modify the existing registration UX with improved and simplified UI design that was consistent across all websites design a custom build. I also improved the mobile experience and checkout process with improved functionality and streamlined flow. We also added written ques to help solve bottlenecks in customers completing the entire registration process. With standardized classes and a consistent UI stylesheet to apply the same code across our fleet of websites we were able to launch a newly designed and streamlined registration experience for our customers that increased online payment adoption.


My first approach to research for this project was competitive analysis of our current market and known rivals. We established our key niche and leveraged this during ideation of marketing campaign. Extensive study and exploration of modern industry trends and multi-tenant website architecture frameworks was conducted to strategize on the best operational approach to scale the company and product line while expanding limited resource capacity.‍ Spearheaded new design strategy for a user interface and user experience overhaul of old outdated registration process. Designed and coded new and improved user interface design and improved mobile responsive functionality for enhanced UX to encourage higher adoption of online registration and payment processing, in turn scaling business.‍


The result of this project ended up being a modern UI design that reflected the recent rebrand while simplifying and improving the user experience during registration checkout. The new fully responsive mobile first framework improved functionality replacing an antiquated non-responsive UI and awful user experience. The simple yet improved registration design and customer experience enabled mobile responsive checkout processing for ease of use in paying online and also increased adoption growing the business.


In the end we created a strategic modern design with optimized digital product and experience that would bring significant ROI from the improvements. I aided in facilitating the early growth of SDI Camps and Races by playing an integral role during the infancy of the company. Spearheading creative direction of our digital department I managed several campaigns under my leadership that fostered product scalability and improved customer experience. My early efforts contributed to the company success and growth that distinguished us in the market. This success later helped in the acquisition of SDI Camps and Races by Stack Sports.