Case Study

Scale 7 Platforms

Scaling seven proprietary platforms and products.


Denver, CO

A global leader in sports technology providing an integrated technology platform for national governing bodies, youth sports leagues, clubs and associations.

July 1, 2017
Branding, Digital Marketing, Web Design, UX, Photog, Video


Project Summary

I orchestrated the merge of 7 independent design departments from former companies acquired by Stack Sports into a single digital services department. These once seven design teams and unique proprietary platforms showcased over 40 product offerings and individual services and clients. I cohesively tied together subsidiary company brands and product suites to position the digital product suite as best-in-class offerings and services in the youth sports industry. The challenge presented several opportunities to design and improve new workflows, processes, consolidate tools and language frameworks to efficiently operate all services under one team. The cross platform analysis benefitted the comparison of all platforms and products to determine overlap and strategize our go-to-market plan in designing new website packages.


The research for this project was unique in that I had been researching and analyzing the youth sport space for several years already with prior business development efforts for SDI Camps and Races. Ironically, several of the competition I studied years before were now included in the Stack Sports brand family, further narrowing the market. Extending the preparatory research I had already begun I did an extensive study of all former companies prior to acquisition, their competitive landscape and the product lines as a whole now acquired by Stack Sports. I explored all operational and workflow processes, design and development technologies, languages and platform exploration for product expertise. Majority of the knowledge discovery was manual process as Stack Sports laid off all prior company designers during this transition, meaning all knowledge of design and development operations no longer remained with the company leaving the discovery entirely up to me.‍ Extensive knowledge discovery and transition of teams during acquisition. Documentation creation and training across numerous platforms, processes, languages and web dev styles across 7 unique diverse product sets. Change agent for adaptation and improvement of workflow, processes, tools, etc. Spearheaded integration and design strategy for migration to universal platform offering encompassing the needs of all 7 unique entities and product sets, including new product enhancements and features.‍


In less than two years I was able to consolidate and integrate seven former company design departments into a single robust digital design services department servicing all proprietary platforms with an extensive book of products and service offerings. I simultaneously piloted the launch of a new universal best-in-class integrated standalone digital product suite developed to consolidate previously fragmented companies and product lines with a new centralized product suite and set of features and offerings.


The transition and documentation I facilitated contributed to significant product and service scalability. With the handrails I put in place turnover of international BPO team members and training is a breeze and no longer takes extended time to train up a new green team member. We templated and automated as much of the service and streamlined prototyping with templated tier packages in order to exacerbate efficiency.