Case Study

Multi-Sport Site

Multi-sport parent child framework product creation.


Denver, CO

SDI Camps creates, hosts and manages custom websites for any organization interested in an online registration portal, with unique organizational needs.

May 1, 2013
Branding, Digital Marketing, Web Design, UX, Photog, Video


Project Summary

Stepping into a new role as Creative Director I worked quickly to transform antiquated operational processes into standardized modern digital workflows. This created efficiency and optimized our development operations while modernizing our digital design offering and services. We launched a redesign campaign to strategically leverage our unique niche and product to stake claim on a piece of the market and further grow the business and customer base.


Through competitive analysis and research of market trends I was able to modernize our product suite while establishing a competitive edge in the market space. This strategy allowed us to scale a viable product while standardizing operations through being a change agent transforming our development workflow to optimize efficiency and expand capacity. We launched a redesign campaign to leverage our niche in the market and develop the business while growing our product and ROI.


After completing the groundwork behind the market analysis and campaign re-design direction we modernized the logo to simplify the brand and establish a new look and feel. I established a fresh tagline and brand messaging to leverage our unique competitive opportunity. We redesigned and re-positioned the website in tandem with this newly strategized marketing and social media campaign. In doing so we were able to reestablish market dominance, scale our website product family suite and customers while growing the company and doubling in size. Our efforts were fruitful in facilitating a larger later acquisition when we sold SDI Camps to Stack Sports.


In the end we created a strategic modern design with optimized digital product and experience that would bring significant ROI from the improvements. I aided in facilitating the early growth of SDI Camps and Races by playing an integral role during the infancy of the company. Spearheading creative direction of our digital department I managed several campaigns under my leadership that fostered product scalability and improved customer experience. My early efforts contributed to the company success and growth that distinguished us in the market. This success later helped in the acquisition of SDI Camps and Races by Stack Sports.